Manufacturing and Design of Special Gears and Racks

Manufacturing of customized Gear Racks

We produce precision racks on customer’s specification : straight or helical teeth, simply toothed or grinded, complete with different heat treatments according to the material.

Our racks are used in machine tools, machines for Marble, wooden, glass where the absolute precision is essential supply condition.

Each gear rack can also be accompanied by geometrical certification and can also be subjected to non-distructive tests in order to detect any superficial burn and crack.

Our machines fleet has recently been enriched by two new last generation machines, respectively for toothing and toothing grinding, which in addition to ensure a significant increase in production capacity guarantee a standard of excellence.

Every day we put in place our competence and experience to become a reliable partner for our customers and create long-term relationships. We can state with some pride that our efforts were rewarded as we are one of the preferred suppliers for a lot of important companies in all Europe.

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