Machinery Fleet

Höfler Rapid 1600/2000:

Profile gear grinding machine Höfler Rapid 1600/2000. Working diameter 2000mm, module 50 max, equipped with inner grinding gears device.
Particularly suitable for wind energy, marine and mining applications.
Extremely flexible and rapid to ensure high quality standards and machining time optimization.

Gear Grinding Department:

Wide park of gear grinding machines suitable for any production needs.
- 4 Reishauer CNC
- Reishauer Retrofit CNC for worms, splined shafts and cylindrical gears
- Gleason Pfauter P600/800G
- Gleason Phoenix PG 400 CNC
- Höfler Rapid 1600/2000

Bevel Gear Machining Department:

Spiral bevel gear generator Gleason N.641
Spiral bevel gear grinder Gleason Phoenix PG 400 CNC

Racks Machining Department:

Rack toothing Machine Heller CNC lenght 2000mm Module 16 max
Rack Shaping Machine Elb CNC

Gear Toothing Department:

Gear Hobbing Machine Modul 315 CNC
Gear Hobbing Machine Modul 1250 CNC

Zeiss Accura:

Zeiss Accura 1400x1800x1200 with Klingelnberg rotary table and spur & bevel gear testing software.