Bevel Gears

Bevel Gears

The noteworthy experience of 3F INGRANAGGI team allows us to be one of the leaders in the Italian rebore Gleason bevel gears field.

Thanks to a varied series of gear hobbing machines and two GLEASON PHOENIX grinding machines, we are able to cover the whole range of bevel gears up to 800mm of diameter, both with lapped teeth and ground teeth.

The accurate quality research process and the attention to the study of tooth profiles led us to the production of bevel gears with peripheral speed up to 50 m/s, gaining our clients and ours satisfaction.

Each gear can also be accompanied by ZEISS teeth certification (including profile mapping) and be subjected to non-distructive tests in order to dected any superficial burn and crack.

Size and Quality
Min. Diameter Max Diameter Quality
25 mm. 800 mm.  DIN: 4
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